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The Details Matter, Don’t Settle For Less!Image of Tim of Team Trifecta Inspecting a Structural Bat Entry

Consistent with our core values we sincerely care for you and your property. There is a peace of mind that comes from gaining insights relating to your property’s construction and inner workings when a highly-trained specialist provides a thorough inspection from the foundation to the roof’s ridge, detailing the variety of wildlife sign, damage, vulnerabilities, and more. New and old structures alike are subject to wildlife exploitation, intrusion, and damage. Poorly maintained structures or those that have been improperly constructed are certainly prone to wildlife issues, however, numerous features of well and properly-built properties are more vulnerable to wildlife issues than you may suspect. Let’s outline a typical wildlife inspection to elaborate…

A Lexington KY home inspected by Trifecta Wildlife Services

Pictured above is a beautiful and well-maintained Lexington KY home, at a glance few would suspect wildlife issues.  However, upon closer inspection we revealed wildlife sign, vulnerability, and damage from at least four different animal species. Shocking, right? Grey squirrel intrusion into the attic was all this client had suspected… but we identified the presence of grey squirrels, flying squirrels, bats, and mice! Below lets take a look at the inspection report for this home:

Example page of a Trifecta Wildlife Inspection Report

Example page of a Trifecta Wildlife Inspection Report

Example page of a Trifecta Wildlife Inspection Report

Example page of a Trifecta Wildlife Inspection Report

As revealed in the inspection report this home had not only suffered squirrel damage, but also had typical construction gaps common in most new and old construction. Such construction gaps, though small, are regularly exploited by small animals including bats, mice, snakes, etc, to gain entry into structures. You can see the observations in the attic definitively show animal sign and damage from the multitude of species invading this home. Without this detailed inspection we may have risked solely focusing on this client’s grey squirrel problem, and missed the additional wildlife and construction issues, not 100% resolving the needs of this home.

The details matter, don’t settle for less! Our typical wildlife inspection lasts 3-5 hours focusing on identifying all wildlife sign, damage, and vulnerability on your property, while providing additional benefits of an experienced eye often identifying other issues including clogged dryer vents, natural gas leaks, poor ventilation, improperly capped plumbing vents, water leaks and damage, termite and other insect issues, damaged and/or disconnected duct work, open electrical junctions, roof damage, chimney masonry and crown damage or deterioration, and much more.

Below are two additional links to examples of our wildlife inspection reports:



We provide inspections and find solutions to wildlife issues of all kinds and for any species. To learn more about the variety of services offered check out our Services page.