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Love is in the Air, but What’s That Smell?!

A juvenile striped skunk captured in Lexington KY

A juvenile striped skunk captured in Lexington KY

Lexington KY and Central KY Skunk Removal Peak Season is here.

Have you noticed the increase in skunk activity when driving around Lexington, or maybe even around your property? Well at Trifecta Wildlife Services we sure have and are glad to share that this is no strange phenomenon, it’s simply mating season for this odoriferous furbearer. Generally starting in mid-February and lasting into March male and female skunks begin searching for mates in winter den sites. They may travel over 2 miles in a night in their quest to mate.

Often skunk mating season has little to no impact on us, but you may be singing “looking for love in all the wrong places” when a winter den exists on or around your property. Mating may actually occur over the course of several days in these dens and the aromatics associated with skunks may have you heading for a hotel. Skunk do well in suburbia where an abundance of holes behind concrete steps, under patios and decks, crawl spaces, or old groundhog burrows all are welcome dens. Skunk removal and exclusion is a wise move now, because if a female selects your property as a natal den then you can expect that a litter of 5 or so juvenile skunks will be accompanying their mother come May or June.

Trifecta Wildlife Services provides personal service and safe long-term solutions for Lexington skunk removal, call us today if skunks have taken up residence in or around your property!