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A bat held in handLexington KY Bat Removal

Lexington bat removal is quite common as Central KY bat populations have adapted well to the urban and suburban environment in particular colonizing the attics of homes and other buildings. Bats in your home is a serious problem and understandably distressing. A bat may occasionally be found in the living space of a house and could indicate a colony of bats is using the structure, or may just be the entrance of an individual bat; in such cases it is important to determine if human or pet exposure has occurred such that proper recourse of rabies testing can occur. Regardless, prompt bat removal is prudent to diminish threats of zoonotic disease transmission and to reduce accumulation of bat guano (AKA bat poop) in an attic.

If you determine or suspect bats are in your Lexington or Central KY home or attic a bat removal or bat control professional should be contacted promptly. Delay in implementing effective bat removal techniques, also known as bat exclusion, generally leads to higher costs for bat removal and may necessitate guano removal that can sometimes be avoided with rapid attention to the problem. Wherever bats roost they urinate and defecate, this causes odor problems and staining, and carries a risk of diseases transmissible to people such as histoplasmosis.  Bats are tremendously beneficial species in the ecosystem, but should not be welcomed in our homes or other properties.

Trifecta Wildlife Services provides personal service and safe long-term solutions for Lexington bat removal, call us today if bats have taken up residence in your home or property!
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