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Birds perched along the peak of a roofLexington KY Bird Removal

Lexington bird removal is often necessary when birds have invaded a property by entering vents on a home, nesting within an unsecured soffit, or are roosting and leaving droppings in unwelcome areas. Bird issues may also include roosting or nesting birds on the signage over store fronts, along roof lines, or in structural supports over walkways. Birds sometimes enter stores or warehouses and may create liabilities for businesses through scenarios including employees or food products at risk of exposure to birds and their droppings. Birds in Lexington and Central KY that commonly create issues are Pigeons, House Sparrows, and European Starlings.  However, protected species including woodpeckers that may drum on your home, Chimney Swifts that nest in uncapped chimneys, or Canada Geese that often accumulate in large undesirable flocks, all cause human-wildlife conflict as well and solutions of various forms are available.

If you are experiencing bird problems in Lexington or Central KY contact a professional wildlife damage manager promptly to mitigate risks whether they be commercial liabilities for your business, or fire hazards such as a dryer vent clogged by bird nesting materials. Accumulations of bird droppings can carry the risk of histoplasmosis, a disease transmissible to people, and excessive accumulations can even damage surfaces and materials they collect are on. All bird species play an integral role in healthy ecosystems, however, management of our interests, in particular the integrity of our homes, buildings, and health are the priority and thankfully humane solutions for resolving bird issues predominate.

Trifecta Wildlife Services provides personal service and safe long-term solutions for Lexington bird removal, call us today if birds have problematically taken up residence in or around your home or property!
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