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Lexington KY Squirrel Removal

A squirrel sitting on a deckLexington squirrel removal is a regular need throughout the year, but peaks during squirrel birthing seasons when both adult and young squirrels may be in your attic. You may be surprised to know that squirrel populations in Lexington actually occur in higher abundance than in the nearby farms and woodlots, however, a squirrel in your attic or home is far less enjoyable than squirrels scurrying through our backyards. In Lexington, KY squirrels jumping from tree to tree are a delight to watch, but when our rooftops become substitute “trees” problems can ensue.

If squirrels have invaded your Lexington or Central Kentucky home, squirrel removal and control needs to occur quickly to prevent issues including potentially hazardous chewing of your electrical wires or damage to your insulation from compaction and animal waste. Lexington squirrel removal is best handled by a professional for a safe and effective long-term solution.

Trifecta Wildlife Services provides personal service and safe long-term solutions for Lexington squirrel removal, call us today if there are unwelcome noises in your home or attic!
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