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You can trust Trifecta Wildlife with resolution of your wildlife issue

Here are a few reasons why we think you may want to give us a try:

Reason #1

Our happy customers.

Trusting a service provider often comes from positive reviews from others. We strive to provide the most personal and reliable services available and are very proud that our customer feedback reflects this!

Our customer testimonials are regularly updated and proudly displayed at the bottom of the homepage. Many kind clients have also generously left us 5-Star Google Reviews that you can check out here. Want references? Sure, just ask! We’re glad to connect you with our customers so you can choose Trifecta Wildlife with confidence.

Reason #2

You have to love what you do to give it your best.Team Trifecta proudly sharing an image of themselves with well done wildlife exclusion work

Our Owner, Chad Soard, is an educated and experienced wildlife biologist because he has a passion for understanding, conserving, and engaging with our wildlife resources. Our whole Team shares this passion and when a wildlife issue has you at your wit’s end you can rest easy that Chad and the Trifecta team will provide you with knowledge of why the issue is occurring, the steps we will take to resolve the issue, and provide services and recommendations to prevent future issues.

Whether afield or in an attic we love engaging with wildlife for you.

Reason #3

Personal and reliable service.

Yep, remember reason #1? This will not be compromised. We believe personal and reliable services are best provided when your phone calls and services are provided and lead by one person. With Trifecta Wildlife Services, Chad Soard and our specialists are your guys, prompt and ready to help.

Reason #4

Wildlife is all we do.

Wildlife damage management is Trifecta’s drive, and we leave insect pest control to those who have that expertise. Can insect pest control companies resolve wildlife issues, sure if they’re permitted, but do you have electricians fix your plumbing? We recommend you understand and research the skill set of a company and its personnel before you hire.

We’re glad to tell you we don’t do bugs and can confidently recommend IPM Pest & Termite Control.

Reason #5

Animals are adaptive, but so are we.

Animals are smart, keen, crafty; okay sure, but we primarily find animals to be adaptive, that is they learn well from experience. Nuisance animals are often repeating learned behaviors, such as living in an attic, and may have been trapped and released by someone having this issue in the past. Think that animal wants to go back in a cage? Think again. We understand animals, the issues they cause, and likely experiences they may have had. We approach every animal as if its been educated, and if they adapt to our techniques think we give up? Heck no, we adapt too, and with tenacity. Trifecta Wildlife will see your wildlife issue through.

Start fresh, finish strong.

Reason #6

Our prices are great.

We offer competitive prices for our services. We are a small business by design and providing personal customer service and value-driven pricing comes organically through lower overhead. We often have the lowest price, but if not our value-driven pricing means we don’t sacrifice workmanship, quality, aesthetics, and safety.

You get what you pay for.

Reason #7

No surprises, games, or pressure.

Our inspections are thorough to provide you a complete picture of how your home, business, or property might be exploited by wildlife now and in the future. We’ll share pictures with you and discuss what are priorities now and what can wait. We’ll never try to scare you into services or conduct services without getting your permission first. We’re looking out for you during our inspection, but it’s your property and your choice in approving service items.

An Inside Look at Inspections provides a preview of what to expect

Reason #8

We’re your neighbor, we’re local.

Chad proudly answers your calls in Lexington, KY. Ever wonder where your call was answered and then you’re told it’ll be dispatched to a technician in your area, or worse yet your call is answered by a computer. We don’t like that kind of service and certainly wont deliver it. We are local, available, and accountable.

Reason #9

Our training.

We attend and engage in all wildlife damage management training and education opportunities that we’re able to, and we’re always excited to share this with you in our Company News. Professional development, new and improved services and technologies, and skill refinement are a commitment and investment in providing the best services for our customers.

Excellent companies don’t believe in excellence, only in constant improvement.

Reason #10

We’re licensed & insured.

Sure there’s little exciting about this, but we think accountability in a service provider is essential. We’ll spare you the details for now, but don’t overlook this in choosing a wildlife service company as these protections are equally there for you, the wildlife, and the service provider.

Interested in the details, just ask, we’re happy to share!


See our brochure showing photos of our work, before & afters, and the visual benefits of our services:  Trifecta Wildlife Brochure