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Lexington KY Groundhog RemovalGroundhog in the vegetation

Lexington groundhog removal is a regular need in Central KY as this large rodent that traditionally lives in open grassy fields and pastures has adapted well to life in the urban/suburban environment. Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks in some areas, become a problem when the dig their burrows alongside or under home foundations, concrete patios, decks, sheds, or other structures. A groundhog burrow is generally round and about ten inches in diameter with soil piled back around it for a few feet; secondary burrows know as plunge holes that lack the piled soil may also exist in the area and are used by a groundhog to quickly escape danger. Other species such as skunks will use abandoned groundhog dens in Lexington KY.

Homes in Lexington and Central Kentucky are not typically damaged by groundhog burrowing, however, if not addressed undermining of concrete foundations, patios, steps, etc, can occur. Groundhogs in some cases have chewed through underground wires requiring expensive repairs. Groundhog burrows in livestock pastures can also pose a danger to cattle or horses as injuries can occur if they step into them. The most noticeable and often frustrating damage caused by groundhogs is their habit of “mowing” down gardens, flower beds, and other landscaping as many plants we grow to eat or enjoy are preferred foods for groundhogs. Lexington groundhog removal is best handled by a professional for a safe and effective long-term solution; ask us about groundhog exclusion options, and view our dig barrier webpage.

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