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Lexington KY Raccoon Removal

A raccoon encountered in a Lexington, KY atticLexington raccoon removal is frequently needed as urban and suburban raccoon populations have thoroughly adapted to the human-dominated landscape in Central KY. Pleasant thoughts of a raccoon washing it’s food along a creek or looking down on us from a tree are replaced in town by discovering a raccoon tipping over your trash can, climbing a downspout, running along your roof, and then disappearing into your attic through a soffit, or going down your chimney. Yes, raccoon have capitalized well on the food and shelter provided by our homes, but they are our homes, so let’s keep it that way. In Lexington, KY a raccoon in your attic, home, or chimney can do significant damage in short order all while interrupting your sleep and peace of mind.

If raccoons have invaded your Lexington or Central Kentucky home, raccoon removal and control needs to occur quickly to prevent issues including tearing into your duct work, potential human health hazards to you and your family, or damage to your insulation from compaction and animal waste. Lexington raccoon removal is best handled by a professional for a safe and effective long-term solution.

Trifecta Wildlife Services provides personal service and safe long-term solutions for Lexington raccoon removal, call us today if a “masked bandit” is wreaking havoc in your attic, chimney, or around your home!
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