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Chad Soard presenting "Wildlife Control"

Chad Soard presenting on “Wildlife Control”

Trifecta Wildlife Services recognizes that providing honest and balanced information is often the first step to understanding the natural world of wildlife we are a part of.  Access to nearly limitless information has become increasingly rapid with the proliferation of the internet to a point where it’s now possible to “Google” anything with a few keystrokes or finger swipes.  This convenience has incredible value, but can also provide information overload, and worse, the unchecked spread of misinformation.

Trifecta Wildlife Services Owner, Chad Soard, is a professional wildlife biologist who provides educational information and education that’s honest, accurate, and will never resort to emotional pretext or appeal; you deserve balanced facts.  An immense amount of wildlife information is accessible, but where do you start with rational interpretation and application?

Chad will gladly separate the myth from reality to ensure you have truthful and relevant information regarding wildlife and are empowered to make safe, ethical, and sensible decisions about living with and managing our valued wildlife.

This educational philosophy is provided to all of our customers, but we’ll also provide presentations on a variety of wildlife topics to groups of all ages and interests.

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