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Trifecta Wildlife Services’ services and solutions are based upon three tenets:



skunkcontrolWe regard your unique needs in resolving your wildlife issue and demand service standards of ourselves that exceed expectations for our own home. We strive to provide ethical service standards and professional solutions which have positive outcomes for our clients and wildlife.  Humane, safe, and lawful standards will not be compromised.


We know and value wildlife. As a professional wildlife biologist Trifecta Wildlife Services’ owner Chad Soard studies, conserves, manages, and engages with our amazing wildlife resources. Our solutions to your wildlife issues are thoughtfully applied and based in a detailed and inquisitive knowledge of wildlife biology, behavior, and damage management. We will synthesize the information gathered from you and your property with the best available science to efficiently and ethically solve your wildlife issue.


Trifecta Wildlife Services' Owner Chad Soard on an aerial lift completing a bat exclusion

Our professional solutions to your wildlife issue are never one size fits all. Each wildlife issue demands thorough inspection, understanding, and continual evaluation of the situation throughout the process of resolution. Our process and solutions are constantly adapting in response to the unique challenges posed by wildlife issues.  This includes client’s needs, the what, where, when, and why of the wildlife issue, dynamic biological constraints posed by seasonal and temporal factors in animals lives, prior experiences animals may have had, etc.  We won’t leave things to chance; we continually adapt to achieve effective solutions.