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Living With Bats in Lexington KY

Informative New Poster Regarding the Importance of KY Bats and Safe Coexistence

Urban and suburban habitats like Lexington, KY support bat populations of multiple species even though you may not think of suburbia as ideal natural habitat such as in the neighboring countryside. However, some species of bats thrive in human-dominated landscapes and scientists have found that species like the big brown bat may utilize human built structures as roosts preferentially to trees and other natural roosts. These structures include bridges, barns, and also eaves and attics of homes and other buildings. While we should welcome the presence of bats, we also have cause to think twice before allowing bats to roost in our attics.

Kentucky’s Departments of Fish and Wildlife Resources, State Parks, and for Public Health have recently produced and shared this new poster highlighting some interesting facts about KY bats and wisely cautions against touching or handling bats to safely coexist with these unique mammals. Protect your family and bat populations by leaving their handling to professionals. Did you know that a proper bat exclusion to remove bats from your home or property rarely includes handling of bats?

Unfortunately just because you play by the rules doesn’t mean bats always will. If bats have invaded your attic or entered your home in Lexington-Fayette or Central KY call Trifecta Wildlife Services, 859-415-4226, for safe and effective bat removal, exclusion, and damage repair.

KY Bats poster providing bat facts and a message not to touch or handle any bat

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  1. Gina Clemons says:

    My husband and I have enjoyed watching our neighborhood bat “colony” each evening from our back porch this summer. Prior to this summer we had never noticed more than the occasional bat. This year we witness several (6-10?) bats every evening. Are bat populations protected? Aren’t bats considered endangered? Has anyone studied the colony that flies/feeds near Man o War Blvd and Clays Mill Rd. There is extensive destruction of wildlife habitat along Man o War Blvd between Clays Mill Rd and Harrodsburg Rd. due to some recent home/apartment development. Thanks for any info you can provide.
    Gina Clemons

    • Chad Soard says:

      Gina, yes, bats in Kentucky are protected, but not in the sense that populations aren’t of healthy abundance, just in the sense that they cannot be taken without restriction like mice or invertebrates can be. Moreover, there is no reason to lethally control bats and we should value there presence so long as they aren’t making their home in our homes. Most bat species are not endangered presently, but we do have federally endangered bat species in KY, including the Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis). However, the normal structure dwelling bat I encounter in central KY is the Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus) which is an abundant species. I’m not aware that anyone has studied bats in your area, but I can assure you that development like you describe often benefits species like the Big Brown Bat that are common structure-dwelling bats. New and old construction alike often have abundant gaps on them that are bat vulnerable (3/8″ or larger). I certainly advise a bat exclusion to remove or prevent bats living in one’s home, but rest assured these are adaptable creatures that rapidly find new roost sites when removed from another. Enjoy the bats from your porch, their aerial acrobatics are fascinating to observe!

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