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Living with Raccoons in Lexington Neighborhoods

Informative New Poster Concerning Raccoons in Neighborhoods

Urban and suburban habitats like Lexington, KY can support raccoon populations upwards of 250 animals per square mile in some areas; this is 500% higher than areas of what’s considered ideal “natural” habitat such as bottomland forests. Raccoons thrive in human-dominated landscapes and it’s not hard to understand why some of them find their way into our attics or cause other mischief with abundant populations like this!

Kentucky’s Departments of Fish and Wildlife Resources and for Public Health have recently produced and shared this new poster highlighting some simple measures and precautions people can take to safely coexist with this clever and curious species. Protect your family and pets with these simple yet prudent tips.

Unfortunately just because you play by the rules doesn’t mean raccoons always will. If raccoon problems have you at your wit’s end in Lexington-Fayette or Central KY call Trifecta Wildlife Services, 859-415-4226, for safe and effective raccoon removal, exclusion, and damage repair.

Suburban Raccoons Thrive in Neighborhoods Poster