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Pitched Roof Rope Access Training by Reality Rope Access, LLC

Logo for Reality Rope Access LLCChad Soard, Owner of Trifecta Wildlife Services, LLC, attended a pitched roof specific rope and harness certification and training program offered by Reality Rope Access, LLC, in Montgomery, TX on March 29th and 30th, 2017. It’s a simple fact that roofs on newer homes are being built with aggressive pitches, AKA very steep, that may be very attractive architecturally, but aren’t at all simple or safe to walk on. Meanwhile wildlife remains adept at traversing our steep roofs, and my need for safe work and access to resolve your wildlife issues led me to seek and take this excellent training course.

Chad Soard while attending pitched roof rope access trainingThe Reality Rope Access, LLC system is designed for the roof access trades community and is a “first man up” rope access and fall protection system; this means a lifeline is constructed over the roof system from the safety of the ground. With a lifeline constructed I’m on safety gear from the time I leave the ground to climb my ladder. I can’t stress enough the ingenuity of this system and the safety and peace of mind it affords!

Trifecta Wildlife Services takes advantage of continuing education opportunities and appreciates the efforts of companies like Reality Rope Access, LLC to provide the roof access industries with top notch training and certification!

Ground accessible training roof at Reality Rope Access

A roof rope access training tower at Reality Rope Access training

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