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Lexington KY Mole Trappingmole trapping in Lexington KY

Lexington mole trapping is primarily needed in the warm and wet season, but believe it or not moles do not hibernate and will still be active mid-winter. However, they’ve generally moved to deep tunnels in cold conditions and cause little surface disturbance to reveal their presence. The eastern mole is common throughout Lexington and Central KY and prefers moist, but well-drained soils; dry soils are generally avoided. Woods or lands adjacent to woods are often ideal for eastern moles, but any lawns, fields, golf courses, or parks, which hold moist soils or are irrigated will often provide ideal soil conditions and attract mole presence. While moles themselves are infrequently seen soft spots, visible surface runs, and mole mounds appearing in your lawn or turf reveal you have a mole problem and if let go grass above mole runs will die as the grass roots have been separated from the soil. And, be prepared, these incredible diggers can tunnel surface runs at about one foot per minute!

If moles have invaded your Lexington or Central Kentucky lawn or managed landscape, mole trapping is the only effective solution… Unless you’re ready to pave the entire property (said sarcastically!). No research indicates that poisons, grub treatments, repellents, fumigants, etc. effectively controls moles, and are arguably not ecologically responsible. Moles are insectivores and eat a variety of earthworms, grubs, and other invertebrates; no treatments eliminate this entire prey base, nor would you continue to maintain healthy soil without their presence. Mole trapping is the one quick and effective solution when properly implemented. Lexington mole trapping is best handled by a professional for a rapid, safe, and effective solution.

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