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Bat Removal Cost to Value 101

Bats in the attic of your Lexington or Central KY home? A professional bat exclusion is prudent, and here’s a tip so you can experience more value in a bat exclusion relative to cost.

Professional Bat Removal in Lexington KY is available through several companies, but questioning the company you have contacted on how the bat exclusion will be completed is well advised and can mean the difference between and wise investment in your home and an unsightly eyesore of marginal effectiveness. Not all companies or their exclusion products and methods are equal, and greater expense doesn’t always equal greater value; are you paying for specialized labor using high end and lasting products, or inflated overhead? Ask for details on exclusion products and methods, ask for references, and don’t hesitate to call other companies to compare services. Bat exclusions can be expensive because of the detailed, specialized, and hazardous nature of the work, but investing in the modest cost of a second wildlife inspection may save you money, or at least increase your value to cost in the end.

My eyes are constantly drawn to points on homes wildlife often exploit, and the other day I came across the home pictured below and was disappointed to see this otherwise beautiful home blemished with inexpensive orange-colored spray foam emanating from a construction gap between the stone work and the fascia. Professional-grade spray foams have their place in wildlife damage management, but inexpensive expanding foam in the pictured application is a sure sign of substandard bat exclusion work (and not necessarily an indicator this work came inexpensively!).

Lexington KY home with an unsightly spray foam application

Now I’ll share an example of how Trifecta Wildlife approaches sealing a similar construction gap between stonework and fascia. Below is the before picture showing a large construction gap exploitable by many wildlife species.

Before picture of construction gap between stone and fascia

Pictured next is post-sealing of the gap with limestone-colored Solar Seal 900, a high-end terpolymer sealant. While not visible, welded wire or a stainless steel fill fabric where first fitted into the larger portions of this gap to provide a reinforcing foundation for the sealant and a chewing barrier since bats are not the only species that may attempt to enter a home here. Spray foams will quickly fill a gap like this, but offer no chewing prevention against rodents, has limited longevity, and little aesthetic appeal. Insist on high-quality products and application!

Construction gap between stone and fascia professionally sealed with limestone colored Solar Seal 900

Lastly, here is a close up of the sealed construction gap showing complete closure of the gap with a high-end lasting sealant that improves the aesthetics of the home and will now keep out everything from drafts and insects, to bats, birds, and rodents.

Close up of sealed construction gap

Trifecta Wildlife Services insists upon using high-quality products and exclusion strategies to maintain or improve your property’s aesthetics; keeping critters out can look good!

Trifecta Wildlife Services provides personal service and safe long-term solutions for Lexington bat removal, call us today if bats or other wildlife have taken up unwelcome residence in or around your property!