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Foundation Vents… The “Door” You’ve Unknowingly Left Open for Mice and Other Critters

Bedford stone home foundation vent during vent guard installation process

The open grid pattern of this foundation vent may keep out raccoons, but mice, rats, and snakes have a wide open door! The Bedford stone around this vent has been chiseled in preparation for a flush foundation vent guard installation.

For homeowners who have crawlspace foundations chances are you’ve never paid much attention to the rectangular vents around the base of your home. However, they’re called foundation or crawlspace vents and are important for their intended purpose of ventilating your crawlspace. They vary in construction material from steel, aluminum, even plastic; and the design of the grid or mesh varies as well. Regardless of their design, nearly all standard installations of foundation vents are vulnerable to wildlife intrusion, in particular mice as the grid or mesh is rarely small enough to stop mouse entry, or in the case of plastic or screened vents are simply chewed through by mice, rats, or other persevering rodents.  Some louvered style foundation vents can simply be bent by larger animals including raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, or skunks and they let themselves into your cozy crawlspace to wreak havoc.  And, lets not overlook snakes who will gladly slither into crawlspaces to shelter and feast upon rodents, insects, or other creatures occupying the nether regions of your home. Have no fear though, Team Trifecta has a solution!

Close up of XclusionPro foundation vent guard install

An XclusionPro Foundation Vent Guard installed inset into the Bedford stone for a flush, clean, and proper wildlife exclusion strategy.

The XclusionPro Foundation Vent Guard manufactured by AAC Distributing.  Black powder-coated steel frame construction with a tight mesh expanded metal steel face this foundation vent guard is high-end, highly aesthetic, and flat out stops any wildlife intrusion while importantly maintaining ventilation of your crawlspace.  Win-win, right?! Absolutely! And even better, the face plate can be removed to access your vent should you have a style that can be opened and closed seasonally.

During a bedford stone house foundation vent guard project

Removing stone to create a flat inset surface for proper installation of the foundation vent guard.

Team Trifecta cares about the details and aesthetics of all our exclusion work. True to these values and a desire to do it once, and do it right, we’ve selected pictures of a Bedford stone house with foundation vents for this post. On flat concrete block or brick XclusionPro Foundation Vent Guards can be secured directly over the vent with ease. But, on an uneven surface of a Bedford stone house the frame of the vent guard may be flush in one spot and an inch or more off the house in other areas of the frame.  So what do we do? We do it right of course and remove the stone to create the inset and flat surface we need for a proper installation.

Wide view of XclusionPro foundation vent guards installThe finished product! A wide view of two of this home’s foundation vents with the XclusionPro Foundation Vent Guards installed inset into the Bedford stone for an uncompromising function and aesthetic. “Done Once, Done Right,” the Trifecta way!

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