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Thermography for Removing Wild Animals in Walls or Ceilings

Hearing animal noises in a wall or ceiling? This may be birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels, mice, or other wildlife invading your home.

Professional wild animal removal in Lexington and Central KY includes a professional suite of tools to safely and rapidly provide you resolution of your wildlife issue. While my eyes and ears are always attuned to finding animal sign, a thermal imaging camera provides a sixth sense in making visible the infrared spectrum, in laymen’s terms I can view the heat signature of objects. The picture below of my dog is an example of what a thermal imaging camera shows.

An example of thermal imaging looking at a dog

Neat picture right! But, importantly what this camera shows is the variation in temperature between the objects it’s viewing. The body heat of birds, mammals, and other wildlife will change the temperature of the surface they’re in contact with such as a wall, ceiling, soffit, etc. This is completely invisible to the naked eye, but with the thermal imaging camera I can detect these temperature variations providing an indicator of where an animal is resting within a structure. The next picture shows a heat anomaly on a drywall ceiling surface.

Thermal image of a raccoon with litter of kits behind drywall

At the time this picture was taken no noises were being made by an animal, but the thermal imaging camera indicated that some heat source was on the opposite side of the ceiling. A trip into the attic and right to this location found this…

A maternal raccoon in the wall of a Lexington KY home

A maternal raccoon with her litter! No wild goose chase, just rapid detection of the wildlife issue and safe, efficient removal of the animals. A wildlife inspection without thermal imaging would still have found these raccoons in the attic, but what took ten minutes may have taken two hours. Professional services means professional tools like a thermal imaging camera.

Trifecta Wildlife Services provides personal service and safe long-term solutions for Lexington and Central KY Wildlife Removal, call us today if wildlife has taken up unwelcome residence in or around your property!