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We have an eye in the Lexington sky!Our licensed UAV operator Kevin with our UAV

We have the tools and training others don’t to provide for specialized needs. When homes, businesses, commercial properties, farms, etc, have attributes that cannot readily be accessed safely with typical equipment we’re equipped to utilize Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) “drone” technology to inspect the property quickly, cost effectively, and at low risk. The results of the UAV inspection can then justify, or not, if further expenditures for aerial lift equipment, pitched roof rope access setups, etc, are worthwhile to resolve difficult access wildlife issues. And sometimes you may simply need some aerial imagery of a home or facility for other purposes… sure we can help with that!

UAV’s are now widely available on the consumer market and may be purchased and flown by just about anyone. However be aware, just because one can, doesn’t mean they should… Commercial operations of UAV’s require the pilot to have obtained a Remote Pilot Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Not a problem here, Kevin of Team Trifecta, is a licensed to fly fixed and rotary wing aircraft and holds his Remote Pilot Certificate to operate UAVs. We also carry additional insurance specific to our UAV operations.

Below is an example of a residential Lexington home where the owner had suspected chimney issues were allowing for bird entry, and there was no way to take a quick and safe look at this very tall chimney. However, we provided a UAV inspection and established that the chimney top showed it’s age, but was in fair condition and not vulnerable to bird entry. But, the UAV has abundant utility to quickly inspect the heights of a property and we soon documented a construction gap at a gable soffit end that European Starlings were entering and nesting within allowing for quick estimation of removal and repair costs. And yes, that is one of the Starlings flying away from within the home in the third picture!

Image from the ground of the Trifecta Wildlife UAV in flight mid inspection

An image of a chimney cap from our drone

The Trifecta UAV Drone observing an entry point

A still image from the UAV of a Starling entry point

Trifecta Wildlife Services provides personal and professional services and for Lexington UAV drone inspections, call us today if an aerial inspection and imagery can help you with your home or property!
We find solutions to wildlife issues of all kinds and for any species. To learn more about the variety of services offered check out our Services page.