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Providing Solutions for Signs or Other Ledges Plagued by Pigeons

Birds perched along the peak of a roofTrifecta Wildlife Services recently had the pleasure to work with Duplicator Sales & Service in Lexington, KY to resolve a persistent pigeon problem on the ledge of their storefront sign.


The following picture shows the original condition of the sign when Trifecta Wildlife was brought in to provide resolution. Pigeon poop isn’t the first impression any business prefers to make.

Storefront sign ledge with accumulation of pigeon droppings on the ledge

Our first step was to remove the offending pigeons and safely clean the fecal waste from the sign and sign ledge. The following picture shows the excellent results achieved by cleaning, and thankfully minimal acid-staining of the sign’s finish had occurred as a result of the bird waste accumulation.

Storefront signage after cleanup of pigeon droppings

Next, a custom ledge-protection system was devised so the efforts and investment thus far would be more than temporary. Structural ledges on our homes, businesses, and other properties provide attractive roosting and nesting locations for many bird species, though multiple solutions are thankfully available to protect all types of ledges from nuisance bird behavior. The Duplicator Sales & Service sign required ledge-protection to completely resolve the pigeon issue, and required a solution that would allow the top mounted sign hinges (visible above) to function when the sign is opened for maintenance, as well as maintain or improve the storefront aesthetic.

Trifecta Wildlife devised a custom fabricated and color-matched metal hood that affixed to the wall with piano hinges (pictured below mid-install) to allow the hood to lift with the sign during maintenance. The key function of the hood to protect the ledge from bird roosting and nesting is the physical exclusion of the 90 degree ledge the sign formerly created. Now, the hood creates a 45 degree angle from the wall to the sign front that completely eliminates bird issues as they physically cannot land on the angle.

Mid-installation of a ledge protection system on a storefront sign

And below is the final product. Scarcely noticeable unlike other ledge-protection products like bird spikes, and mechanical in nature so regular maintenance needs are avoided as with electrical shock-track type systems. Other ledge-protection products certainly have ideal applications, but when aesthetics and function are top priority the application of a simple incline plane prevails!

Completed ledge protection system eliminating bird roosting

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